A Digital Ecosystem for Architectural Design

Our design standards platform empowers organizations to maintain vast amounts of documentation for physical spaces, enabling teams to quickly access up-to-date information.


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  • Laravel
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • UI Design


2019 – Present

We’re seeing an increasing need for intuitive and flexible ways to maintain and track evolving architectural documentation amongst global corporations. In working with leading organizations to solve this challenge, we have designed and developed internal web applications that keep design standards and guidelines in one place. These applications act as a source of truth for users, leading to improved workflows, increased productivity and informed decision-making.

Eliminating Barriers to Vast Documentation

Large-scale enterprises are responsible for communicating and updating immense amounts of documentation that is used across various teams. The biggest challenge is effectively managing and disseminating the vast volume of information via various PDF programs. It becomes difficult to find relevant information and stay up-to-date on the most recent version. This can cause prolonged workflows, reliance on individual knowledge, and difficulty envisioning the bigger picture. 

Our solution is an online platform that can host a complex set of content while making it visually engaging and easy to use.

Plank's Solution

Creating a Digital Ecosystem

We think of an ecosystem as a web platform where its information is centralized, organized, and easy to access for all teams and partners. For most, if not all organizations, their requirements and standards are constantly evolving, requiring teams to follow the updated standards relevant to their specific project. We create web platforms that capture and store information in real time while tracking the collection of changes. This ensures that users are looking at the appropriate content and empowers them to quickly find what they need.

Plank’s Unique Versioning Technology

If you are using documentation that consists of hundreds or thousands of pages, it can be cumbersome to navigate them through a variety of static PDFs that have been collected over the years. With our versioning technology, these pages can be easily accessed and navigated in one place. It allows the users to quickly view the standards at a specific point in time that is relevant to their work.

An Intuitive Interface

We begin every project with a discovery phase that consists of researching and gaining a deep understanding of all content to adequately adapt it to the web. The design of the site considers users at all stages, ensuring they can see and understand how and where various versions of all documents are stored, as well as how to conveniently find, search, and access them.

Why these projects are successful

  • 1

    We create ecosystems where users can find the most recent information needed and explore archives from different points in time.

  • 2

    We take a UX focused approach to building navigation systems that organize vast amounts of information and help users find what they are looking for.

  • 3

    We offer a space management view where users can visualize their space and its specifications including dimensions, lead times, drawing sets, and related products.

It has been such an amazing pleasure working with EVERYONE on your team. The professionalism, thoughtfulness, flexibility, expertise, and partnership you have provided have been truly incredible. I mark this relationship and experience among the most rewarding I’ve had in my career [so far], and I thank you deeply. We definitely couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Main Point of Contact, Global Tech Company

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