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Working with Laravel

Plank launched our first Laravel project in 2016, and we’ve heavily relied on this robust PHP framework since then. Our dedication to the Laravel community is demonstrated through our public packages and extensions, which contribute to the open-source environment.

Our team boasts officially Laravel-certified developers who specialize in handling complex web application needs, including AI/machine learning integrations, unique security considerations, extensive databases, and highly customized flexibility.

We use Laravel Nova as our trusted Laravel CMS to ensure that your project benefits from a tailored, powerful management system. Our skilled Laravel team is led by Massimo Triassi, Senior Developer and Web Applications Lead.

With Laravel, we deliver projects that not only meet the diverse needs of web applications but also offer scalable, secure, and efficient solutions.

Tailored to your needs and budget

Highly customizable

With Laravel, we can make sure that we get all the details right. Laravel is an open framework featuring a collection of software development tools that make it highly customizable. Anything from complex data systems to unique data processing requests are made possible with Laravel.

Highly scalable

If your website is likely to scale quickly and require new features regularly, Laravel is a great option. Its flexible architecture allows its framework to be easily adapted and maintained making it ideal for rapidly evolving applications.

Quick development time

Laravel was created to provide the best possible developer experience making the development process quick while also resulting in shorter feedback cycles. Its open source natures allows developers around the world to contribute to its framework allowing our team to quickly resolve bugs and source best practices.


Laravel’s core code base is well written and optimized to handle complex jobs by providing a plethora of built-in functionalities that can be supplemented by a variety of available packages. Along with our team's knowledge in performance optimization, we can build websites that can handle high traffic and large amounts of data.

Built-in security

Laravel has a very strong user authentication and a built-in encryption mechanism that automatically encrypts passwords and data to keep your information secure. It encourages the most up to date security practices, like CSRF tokens to prevent malicious third party scripts from loading, or using encrypted sessions to prevent users from tampering with data in transit.

We recommend Laravel projects for:

  • Custom web applications
  • Dynamic websites with flexible backend systems
  • Membership-based platforms
  • Large-scale eCommerce websites

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