Plank Gives Back 2021

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We are excited to be launching our 7th edition of Plank Gives Back with the addition of our new site:!

What is Plank Gives Back?

Plank Gives Back is our digital pro bono initiative where we provide two weeks of our services to nonprofits and social enterprises who are striving for positive change in their communities. We have always been committed to making the web a better place and sharing our expertise is our favourite way of giving back.

We are offering various services such as:

  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Small Site Rebuild
  • Styling Refresh
  • & More

Our Latest Collaborator: La Transformerie

La Transformerie

In the spring of 2020, we completed a website refresh in collaboration with La Transformerie, whose mission is to reduce food waste through efficient solutions that target unsold food in grocery stores.

We helped La Transformerie bring their site to new heights by: 

  • Establishing a stronger type hierarchy in order to better organize their content and effectively communicate their mission. 
  • Creating a style guide with their existing brand colours to guide them on how to successfully apply accessibility standards to their site.

Our efforts were able to help La Transformerie showcase their newest initiative: Les Rescapés, where they save unsold fruits and repurpose them into delicious homemade spreads.

Call for Submissions

If you are a nonprofit or social enterprise looking to improve your digital presence, we are now accepting applications until December 10th on