Securing Funding for your Digital Project

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Highlights from Plank’s latest In Conversation webinar – securing government funding for your digital project. This talk focused on Arts, Culture and Heritage Institutions and answered questions around Canada Council and Virtual Museum of Canada grants. 

Deadlines are fast approaching and it’s not always obvious how to take advantage of these potential sources of funding. What’s involved, how can a digital partner help, even ideas of what kinds of projects these can be.

Tarah Schwartz

Plank Founder Warren Wilansky says each of these programs are pretty specific in what they are looking for, and that’s a good thing.

In the case of the Virtual Museum of Canada they are actually looking for museums to develop online exhibits. Not a new version of their website, but an actual exhibit. A project that can stand on its own.

Warren Wilansky

Projects that are unique and engaging. Another criteria is that museums or heritage institutions must have the capacity to pull off the project they are pitching. And that’s where a digital partner can help.

Having a digital partner in place allows somebody like Plank to work on the proposal with the organization, fill in the design and technical details and then produce a better document. Which gives it a better chance of succeeding.

Warren Wilansky