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Working with WordPress

In 2005, Plank launched our first-ever WordPress project. Ever since we have remained committed to creating responsive and innovative custom-built WordPress websites. Our dedicated team of experienced developers is helmed by Dave Kellam, Senior Developer and WordPress Lead. 

Adopted widely and easy to use, WordPress empowers your staff to have great control over your site and be responsive to user needs. We aim to achieve the best admin experience possible for your site so that basic maintenance and daily updates can be independently managed by your team.

We aim to provide you with ample flexibility for site pages, which is best achieved by a custom-built WordPress website.

Custom WordPress Development

Customized block layouts

Our custom blocks and patterns give you the power to adapt and build pages independently with components created specifically for your needs. These components are a great fit if you consistently add and create new content, providing you with the flexibility and functionality needed for on-the-fly updates.

Customized templates

Our custom templates are great for content that mostly stays the same, saving you time when creating additional pages that require the same layout, and making sure the styling and fields remain consistent. These templates give you and your team the structure for a consistent brand experience across your website.

Headless WordPress

Headless, with its decoupled front end and back end, means our team can explore new content formats, speed up your website, and scale it more quickly. Its greatest advantage is greater design flexibility that will seamlessly integrate with various platforms and devices for an enhanced omnichannel experience.

High traffic performance

We’ve developed several high-traffic WordPress websites including Rush and Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). We make sure that your website is up to date, optimize your code, and implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to make sure all your users, no matter how many, have an optimal web experience.

Data migration

Content migration is essential for creating a new website or redesigning an existing one. We take a proactive approach with careful content planning to ensure a smooth transition for you and your users. By planning for it in Discovery and actively considering it in the creation of the design system, we will work with you to populate the new website with content from the existing site and any new content you have developed.

Software integrations

Our team has extensive experience integrating websites with a variety of systems and applications, such as plugins, API integrations, or webhooks, that work harmoniously together. With careful planning and best practices, we will leverage the most suitable systems to provide additional functionality and drive greater engagement and conversions to your site.

The WordPress block system that Plank put in place for us is easy to learn and user friendly, even for those who haven’t worked with the WordPress CMS platform before. Plank has provided us with a great backend system and we’re enjoying working with it.

Katina Katadotis, Senior Manager Marketing & Communications, Cineflix

WP Engine Agency Partners

WP Engine is the most popular WordPress hosting service on the market, offering a high-redundancy, scalable, and fully managed hosting solution. As an official WP Engine Agency Partner with many years working with the hosting platform, we’re able to focus on what we do best — discover, design & develop, deploy, and support — while trusting the experts at WP Engine to keep your WordPress site safe, performant, and built for growth.

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