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  • After 50 years of championing the protection and conservation of rivers, American Rivers wanted to relaunch their brand to further their vision and address the urgency of the climate crisis. We adapted their new brand identity to the web, modernized their WordPress CMS, and assisted in their broader goal of improving their digital presence.

    Why this project was a success

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      Adapted their digital brand identity to the web speaking to their community and vision.

    • 2

      Developed a modular design to give admins ultimate flexibility and scalability.

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      Amplified their content strategy and aided in applying best digital practices.

    A Flexible and Scalable WordPress CMS

    We updated and modernized American River’s Content Management System (CMS) using modular design. Modular design, the principle of using content blocks that can be independently created and arranged, allowed us to build a system that is as flexible and scalable as possible.

    Their site can now adapt to various content and continue to grow as they protect more rivers. By creating a system that is tailored specifically to their needs, site administrators can display and arrange their content in a multitude of ways without worrying about how it will be affected by future changes.

    Adapting a New Brand Identity to the Web

    American Rivers modernized and relaunched their brand identity to celebrate their 50th anniversary and to strengthen their position as the nation’s voice for the river movement.

    We ensured that their new brand identity was adapted to their website and overall online presence. We helped create guidelines on how to apply their brand including a style guide for fonts, colours, and how their identity can be applied to the rest of their digital strategy.

    Applying Best Digital Practices

    With broader goals to improve existing funnels for fundraising and advocacy and grow engagement across channels, we assisted in refining their digital strategy. We made improvements to their navigation using a clearer sitemap and making better connections between the pages.

    Analyzing their original CMS and its assets allowed us to more easily categorize their content types. In doing so we created a more user-friendly content entry flow for their new website. We also utilized WordPress block patterns for their various pages which means that their team can continue to keep a consistent look and feel for years to come. This also reduces the friction for any new team members, as they will find it easier to add new content that stays within the guidelines.

    About the client

    Since 1973, American Rivers has made it their mission to protect and restore rivers throughout the United States. They help their partners protect vital habitats, work with communities to reduce river pollution, secure policies that ensure clean and abundant streams of water, and overall work to strengthen the river movement. With over 300,000 members, supporters, and volunteers, they are the most trusted and influential river conservation organization in the U.S.

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