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  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • WordPress
  • The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) needed a website redesign to adequately support its evolution and growth over the past decade as they’ve emerged as a national leader in anti-racism. Looking to increase user engagement and yield a higher conversion rate, we focused on modern design principles and improving their content strategy. To better support administrators, we facilitated a CMS migration to WordPress and created modular content blocks that allow more flexibility for their continued growth.

    CRRF home page

    Why this project was a success

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      Created an intuitive user experience to encourage discovery and increase conversion rates.

    • 2

      Streamlined content to engage with users and deepen connections with the organization.

    • 3

      Developed a modular web design to support flexibility for admins and organizational growth.

    Increased Engagement Using Intuitive UX/UI Design

    Over the past few years, The Canadian Race Relations Foundation has broadened its scope of work, expanded its audience across new regions, and increased its digital reach. To modernize the site and better engage its growing user base, we optimized its user experience by applying all modern UX/UI design principles. Now, its website clearly showcases its initiatives and impact, encourages user exploration, and facilitates funding through donations.

    To further modernize, we adapted its new branding, created by the agency Emdash, to the web using its brand guide of fonts, colours, and design assets. We used the design assets to make buttons and images pop. We also created micro-interactions for buttons and arrows to better guide users across the site and increase engagement.

    CRRF Statements & Announcement page

    Simplified Content For a Bigger Impact

    With a critical mandate such as CRRF’s, it was important to tell their story in a clear way while simultaneously deepening user connections to the organization. With the goal of providing a seamless reader experience, we evaluated and regrouped all the content by highlighting its purpose and restructuring the site’s information architecture. Now site visitors are clear on the goals of the CRRF; meaning they are more engaged, can quickly find the information they’re looking for, and easily discover new content along the way.

    CRRF what's going on page
    CRRF events page

    A WordPress Migration for Increased Flexibility

    To better support the continuous growth and evolution of CRRF, we completed a migration from Joomla to WordPress. The robust and scalable nature of WordPress ensures fast loading and continued high performance even as website traffic increases. We ensured that all the capabilities to create and manage content were still intuitive for all administrators.

    By developing a series of custom blocks and templates, admins can easily add, move, and update content themselves. The block-based theme makes content entry easy for admins of all ability levels, while its flexible nature also allows it to be adapted to meet new requirements, ensuring its long-term sustainability.

    CRRF mobile view
    CRRF colourful buttons with repeating pattern and header with asset accent
    About the client

    Founded in 1996 by the Government of Canada as a Crown Corporation, The Canadian Race Relations Foundation reaffirms the principles of justice of equality for all in Canada as part of the Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement. Their mission is to create systemic solutions and advance public policy on anti-racism through partnership engagement, creating awareness and mobilization.

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