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  • Laravel
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

The Canadian Football League joined forces with the NFL to give kids the experience of playing football in a safe and fun environment. We built them a platform to bring players, parents, coaches, and organizers together from coast to coast.

Building a fan base

The CFL NFL Flag Football initiative is new to Canada, so a main goal of the website is to drum up awareness and grow interest in the sport. The site showcases photos and video content that demonstrates the excitement of the game and the team spirit that goes along with it, and gives an idea of what the sport entails.

Getting involved

The site showcases upcoming tournaments across Canada, answers questions that players and parents might have, and provides downloadable resources for players, teams, and regional chapters. A sophisticated registration portal allows different types of users to upload and access the information they need.

The play-by-play

With regional tournaments across the country, the CFL team needed to actively manage and maintain the website, as well as to communicate with participants. We used Laravel to build a CMS to manage teams, tournaments, schedules, and players, as well as uploaded documents and registration payments.

Room to grow

This first iteration of the CFL NFL Flag Football site will change and expand as the sport catches on and the league grows.

About the client

The CFL/NFL Flag Football initiative teaches kids the fundamentals of the game and promote physical activity. Alongside skills development, participants receive lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, and other lessons that help them succeed both on and off the field.

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