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2018 - 2019


  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • WordPress

In the world of entertainment, visuals speak volumes, and Cineflix wanted to speak loudly. Cineflix wanted a more modern, sophisticated site, pulsing with bold images and visuals that fill the screen and pull viewers into its online world. On top of a spirited new look, the goal of this website redesign was to empower site administrators, giving them full control over the content and the unique visual direction they wanted to take.

Why this project was a success

  • 1

    Utilized WordPress’ block system to offer a flexible and effortless admin experience.

  • 2

    Modernized the site to tell powerful stories and draw in their target audience.

  • 3

    Ensured responsive design while creating a unique and engaging adventure for users.

A grid unlike any other

The Cineflix media group creates, produces and distributes unique programming. They wanted their site to showcase that creativity, and the creators that fuel it. Plank built a custom WordPress CMS that modified ways of displaying their content in a fully flexible way. The principle Show Pages now include everything from bold images of various sizes, cast and director details, awards, news and information, and even show trailers.

The visual grid allows for myriad display possibilities, depending on the specific show, and which elements were wanted and needed within each page. The grid rows substantially improve the content entry experience, and present a unique and engaging adventure for users. These unique visual grids mean that Cineflix is far from locked into a predetermined situation, but rather Plank has given them full control over customizing their pages in a visually compelling way, where each and every element works to enhance the whole.

The WordPress block system that Plank put in place for us is easy to learn and user friendly, even for those who haven’t worked with the WordPress CMS platform before. Plank has provided us with a great backend system and we’re enjoying working with it.

Katina Katadotis, Senior Manager Marketing and Communications, Cineflix

Backed by design 

Plank significantly modernized the Cineflix website. Images and video now fill the screen telling myriad stories of their various TV shows, and allowing powerful poster art to draw users in. The Cineflix website is also now responsive. With so many commanding images it is crucial that each works fluidly whether on mobile, desktop or tablet, and significant planning was done to ensure how these visuals would behave and look on all devices. Plank ensured that larger pictures have a focal point, so that site administrators have control when changing and adjusting crucial hero images. With minimal text, the chosen font was used to its full potential, making it more modern and sophisticated. Brand colours were used as accents for all links and buttons on the site. 

On with the show

Ultimately Cineflix wanted full control over its layout. Plank created a site that offers them that freedom; from news and archives to show information, it’s all displayed according to Cineflix’s unique character. The shows themselves were what Cineflix wanted to focus on, and now they can. 

About the client

Cineflix creates, produces, and distributes must-watch TV for the global marketplace with operations in Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, and Dublin. Cineflix is in partnership with Participant, the Academy Award®-winning media company committed to producing socially relevant content.

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