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2018 - 2020


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Canada’s first Festival of Live Digital Art brings together artists and audiences, exploring the role of digital in the performing arts. For the second consecutive year, Plank is proud to support FOLDA as the festival’s digital partner.

Digital is here. FOLDA celebrates it.

Thought-provoking discussion and experimental performances, FOLDA supports artists creating theatre in a digital age. The original branding created by Plank – bold contrasting colours, simple dot grids paired with curved and wavy lines for personality- continues to highlight the festival’s strong visual identity.

The website provides all the standard information you would expect; schedules, venues, accessibility and contact information, travel, accommodation and ticket purchases. But this year, new gems were added…

On schedule

Plank created a new schedule link to serve the festival’s growing needs. Modifying a plugin allowed for a full overview of all the festivals activities to be seen as a calendar. Dates and times of individuals shows were clearly presented for easy browsing.

We also created custom filters, making it easier to discover and distinguish between FOLDA’s various events: shows, start ups and livestreams. A livestream link was also created where any scheduled events would go live 15 minutes before each performance. The only thing required of an interested audience was to enjoy the show.

Working with Plank has allowed us to develop strategies that allow audiences seamless and engaging access to the performances we create and present.

Michael Wheeler, Artistic Director, SpiderWebShow, co-curator FOLDA

The evolution of art

Another new element to the FOLDA site was the addition of an Incubator page. It allows for the progress and evolution of shows to be monitored and showcased. The iterative process encourages users to follow the progression of performances as they move from their earliest stages, through refinement and finally into performances ready for production release.

Embracing innovation

FOLDA is deeply committed to showcasing unique digital theatre while connecting audiences and artists. Still in its infancy, the festival is celebrating new ways of seeing and talking about digital theatre. With its unique online look and curated site, the story of FOLDA and its quest to merge performance and technology is ready to move forward and discover what unfolds.

About the client

The Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA) is produced by Spiderwebshow Performance. FOLDA aims to increase the rigour of live digital performance as it becomes more pervasive. We want to show what is possible, provoke critical analysis, and share approaches that encourage experimentation.

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