A Modern Website for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs




2023 - present


  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • WordPress

Futurpreneur is a Canadian non-profit that helps aspiring young entrepreneurs launch their business and offers them the community support they need on their journey. We designed and developed a scalable and flexible website to support their continuous growth across Canada. It features an updated user experience for increased lead generation and a greater focus on entrepreneurial stories and indispensable resources. Designed with an admin-friendly CMS to simplify management and updates.

Why this project was a success

  • 1

    Designed a modern interface with playful animations targeting Futurpreneur’s audience of young entrepreneurs.

  • 2

    Created a simplified user journey for users to quickly find the information they are searching for.

  • 3

    Improved their WordPress CMS allowing admins to independently and easily update their site.

A Modern User Interface and User Journey

The Futurpreneur website is visited by over 500,000 yearly users looking for information on loan offerings, workshops, programs, and more. Previously, they required significant admin or in-person support to find the information they needed, taking a lot of time from staff.

We created a WordPress website that better serves their community with a modern user experience.

We simplified the user journey by reviewing content pathways and improved the information architecture by linking and grouping previously buried content. This ensured site visitors could find the information they needed in fewer clicks.

We streamlined the application process by embedding a lead generation form on all main pages integrated with a CRM to quickly direct users to the proper department. 

Highlighting Young Canadian Entrepreneurs

Futurpreneur wanted their new site to better highlight their diverse entrepreneurs. We updated the design to include various entrepreneurial success stories and community wins including beautiful imagery, inspiring quotes, and engaging videos. Now the community aspect of Futurpreneur is felt on every page.

Futurpreneur offers incredible support to their community with mentors and community partners across all Canadian regions. Now these resources and events are easier to access and discover.

An Elevated Admin Experience

Futurpreneur’s previous WordPress site was over a decade old with over 9,000 pages slowing down performance and creating various security vulnerabilities. Not only that, administrators found it incredibly cumbersome to create landing pages for ad campaigns and difficult to train new staff on how to update key areas of the website, leading to bottlenecks in their workflow.

We migrated all their content into a new WordPress CMS and developed templates and components that make edits and landing pages a breeze. The site was designed to scale with Futurpreneur and will be able to accommodate iterative updates as they come up.

Improved Messaging and Content Entry

Plank undertook the content production process and content entry to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new site.

Using the Futurpreneur style and tone guide, we rewrote content that better aligns with their messaging goals.

About the client

Futurpreneur fosters the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s diverse startup founders ages 18-39. They are the only national non-profit organization that provides young aspiring entrepreneurs across Canada with loan financing, mentorship, and the resources they need to start or buy a business.

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