A Membership Site Inspiring a New Generation of Performing Artists


Yonder Window Theatre Company


2020 - 2021


  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • WordPress
  • Yonder Window Theatre Company needed a platform for their new initiative, Stagepunch, that guides aspiring performing arts students through their degree applications. The subscription-based platform features everything from a program matching quiz to a diverse team of acting coaches.

    Why this project was a success

    • 1

      Integrated MemberPress to develop a membership platform that brings added value to their audience.

    • 2

      Leveraged React.js to provide a high performance site that is fast loading.

    • 3

      Implemented a custom CMS solution that allows for autonomous program and monologue updates.

    Inspired by the mood of the stage, we wanted to create a site that was vibrant, youthful, and dramatic. Alongside illustrator, Mink Couteaux, we made the illustrations effortlessly bleed into the page to create dynamic movement across the screen. The colour scheme and design elements took inspiration from bright marquees and dancing spotlights.

    To create the subscription-based platform, we integrated MemberPress so admins could easily customize access to their content as well as manage subscriptions. We also implemented a paywall that allows for an automated billing system.

    A major component of the site is a quiz that matches students with their dream performing arts school. Through three-way sorting, the quiz results provide students with a specific program that suits all their needs including location, price, and degree. In addition, each question, choice, and result can easily be modified, giving site administrators the flexibility to update the quiz to fit their objectives.

    The front-end of this project was created using a component-driven development methodology. This allowed our team to optimize their workflow by breaking down the site into small reusable parts that are repeated throughout the site. These parts were developed in isolation before integrating them, which allowed developers to become experts of particular components and work in-depth with designers to better achieve their vision.

    About the client

    Yonder Window Theatre Company is a New York-based company dedicated to the exploration of cross-cultural and social relationships. Through the use of interdisciplinary performative arts, they seek to create innovative and relevant productions that explore the universal themes of the human experience domestically and abroad. They are the parent company to StagePunch with a vested interest in education and paving the way for the next generation of performing artists.

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