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With the world going through such a challenging time, it is wonderful to be able to offer some good news. The Plank team has chosen La Transformerie as its winner for the Spring 2020 edition. We are so happy to welcome them into the Plank family. 

Their Mission

La Transformerie is a nonprofit working to reduce food waste, something that is so important in the world right now. It also focuses on raising awareness, and implementing concrete solutions to resolve the problem of unsold food. At the core of their mission, is a deep down belief that eliminating food waste is possible. 

Photo courtesy: Sylviane Robini

The Process

Much of what La Transformerie collects from its partner grocers in Montreal is offered to food banks. Most of what remains is transformed into delicious jams sold in a variety of stores. The money from these sales helps to power the organization. It also shows how discarded food can be transformed into something beautiful and edible.

How Plank Can Help

The e-commerce section of La Transformerie’s website is where they are focusing their 2 pro bono weeks. By enhancing the ability to sell their product on their own site, the entire operation will benefit, not to mention all the people that they help. 

Thank you to each and every organization that reached out. We appreciate and value you all.

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