Why Plank Gives

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People from Plank and Nazareth Community holding their hands in hearts||

It is one of the things I love most about Plank — its commitment to giving back. There is a desire to help those in need with the expertise they have to share. And in today’s world, that experience goes a long way. Helping organizations build and boost their digital presence so that they can communicate their message, raise money, share stories, purchase tickets or sell a product that helps them survive. It’s important and it’s the sign of a company that cares. 

I want to advocate for a more humble approach to entrepreneurship.

Warren Wilansky, Founder, Plank

In the Spring of 2019 Montreal’s Nazareth Community was chosen by the Plank team in their bi-annual Plank Gives Back campaign. It offers 80 hours of free work to help improve an organization’s online presence. That can mean a few things: a small website rebuild, a styling refresh, help with a content strategy or a digital transformation plan. In Nazareth’s case, their outdated site desperately needed a refresh. We updated their website, improved the design and usability, and made it much easier for them to update themselves. That was really important to them.

Nazareth Community walking for mental health awareness

We began by visiting Nazareth to feel connected to the people and the place. The longtime nonprofit is located only 15 minutes from the Plank office, and we liked knowing they are helping people in our own Montreal backyard. Nazareth provides homes for people struggling with homelessness, mental health issues and addiction.

Like many small nonprofits, money for their digital presence was not a priority. Site administrators wanted to tell their stories and help raise funds but they didn’t have the tools to do that. It often left them feeling frustrated.

What Plank was offering was something we had looked for but could not afford. And not being able to afford it you kind of put it on the back burner, and along comes Plank and we get to push it to the front burner, and there it is burning now.

Father John Walsh, Present & CEO, Nazareth Board of Directors
Steve Bissonnette and Father John Walsh

The Plank team gets back as much as they give, of that I am sure. Pushing a site live is always an exciting time, but pro bono work feels a little extra special. 

Social causes need to have a strong online presence more than ever. We were thrilled to build a digital platform for Nazareth where they could really share their stories.

Steve Bissonnette, Managing Partner, Plank

Plank will continue to give back. Especially now, as COVID-19 forced many organizations to change traditional ways of doing things, and has made an online presence more critical than ever. Our next campaign begins this Fall. We’re all looking forward to meeting the next nonprofit or social change organization that we can both help and learn from.