We have over *25 years of experience designing and developing websites for *community and *cultural organizations.

What we offer


No great website is made without a solid plan. By knowing the ins and outs of your project, we ensure a solution that’s unique to your organization.

Content strategy

Your content strategy informs how you build your site, and it can be hard to build with missing puzzle pieces. We can help you sort those pieces to create a strategy that supports your digital goals.

Information architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the backbone of your website. We can optimize your website’s IA allowing users to navigate easily, find what they are looking for, and discover content that deepens connections within your institution.


Web accessibility is about making digital spaces inclusive to everyone who comes across them, and we want to ensure that all your users are offered a high-quality experience. We actively meet the accessibility needs of any project, be they the ADA or W3C WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines. 


We design online experiences that reinforce your brand, establish you as an innovative organization and meet your audience’s highest expectations.

UX design

We deliver an intuitive experience through thoughtfully considered features, seamless integration, and fluid interactions. Good design is more than the look of your site, it’s also engaging with and delighting your users.

UI design

When it comes to design, our approach is collaborative and iterative. We want to work alongside you every step of the way. By following best practices and accessibility principles, we make sure even the tiniest details represent your brand best.

Responsive design

We apply responsive design to ensure an equal user experience regardless of the device being used. By prioritizing content and using flexible design layouts, your website will adapt seamlessly between mobile and desktop.


We are committed to building robust, scalable and secure systems that ensure the long term health of your website.


Adopted widely and easy to use, WordPress empowers your staff to have great control over your site and be responsive to user needs. Our team has over 15 years of experience with WordPress and an extensive portfolio of WordPress sites.


Laravel is one of the leading open source MVC frameworks, and the technology our team prefers for highly customized website applications. When building a complex custom website, we rely on Laravel NOVA.

Ticketing systems integration

When it comes to events, memberships, or donations we want to make sure that your user and admins experiences are equally coherent. Our team has experience with multiple integrations, including Spektrix and Tessitura.

Component-driven development

The modular design of features offers flexibility in how clients showcase their content. It also allows them to easily reuse components across pages so that their website can grow and adapt to their ever-evolving needs. 

Modern libraries & tools

We use cutting-edge technologies such as React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Framer Motion and GSAP to ensure that sites not only load blazingly fast, but are also animated and interact with users in an engaging way. We deliver high-quality, crisp web pages where attention to detail is never taken for granted.

Database design

A custom-designed website is more than a series of text and images, it should be a well thought out and structured technical architecture. Our team takes the time to consider and map out the most thoughtful database solution to ensure that your data is stored properly and in an organized way.

The best way to kick-off your project

What we’re proud of

Hack Day

The best way to kick-off your project

Plank Hack Day sessions are all about joint discovery. Through conversation and brainstorming activities designed to get our creative juices flowing, together we’ll identify your goals and challenges, and come up with effective solutions that speak directly to your unique needs.

Hack Day sessions offer a great opportunity for teams to get to know one another, and help set the tone for easy and productive working relationships.

Communication is key

Collaborative Project Management:

Communication is key

We have a dedicated team of project managers that ensure the lines of communication and collaboration are kept open throughout the process. This is maintained with regular meetings, weekly emails, and bi-weekly sprint reviews.

We’ve found that having a single point of contact familiar with your project’s needs, timeline and budget saves time and sanity. Most importantly, it allows you the space to enjoy the process of creating something new.

Ethical Web Design Framework

We are devoted to setting a standard for ethically conscious digital experiences.

  • Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Privacy & Security
  • Device-first Design
  • Best Practices & Sustainability
  • Environmental Considerations

With this framework, we are setting website design and development principles that support an inclusive environment, and that benefit our clients as well as their customers and communities. It gives us a benchmark for how we develop our web projects, and acts as a point of discussion for how we can continue to make the web a better place.

Introducing our EWDF

Our clients

We're committed to building partnerships that last


Don't just take our word for it

  • “Plank are incredible problem solvers at their core, and they have a wonderful client-first attitude. It was an extremely positive experience.”

    ‒ Katina Katadotis, Senior Manager Marketing & Communications, Cineflix

  • “Plank's responsiveness and collaborative, solution-oriented approach were a great fit for our organization.”

    ‒ Geneviève Vallerard, Director of Communications, Community Foundations of Canada

  • “Our final product arrived ahead of schedule and was completed on budget. Best of all: Plank created a website that was beyond our expectations.”

    ‒ Krista Katone Pille, Creative & Marketing Director, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

  • “The Plank team is super creative and collaborative. They always try to create something that will truly serve our goals as a company. It always really feels like a collaboration and it's really just a joy to work with them.”

    ‒ Amanda Kellock, Artistic and Executive Director, Repercussion Theatre

  • “They are very patient and give us lots of room to explore how we want to be represented, since building a website is an important part of brand identity. They have guided us through every step.”

    ‒ Vanessa Rigaux, Digital Media Manager, Centaur Theatre Company

  • “They're straightforward and honest.”

    ‒ Audric Trudeau, evenko

  • “They became our digital partner and really helped us craft this virtual exhibit from day one.”

    ‒ Jenna Zuschlag Misener, Juno Beach Centre


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